About Us

Our Mission

“The pursuit of excellence in making technology work for people.”


Our Vision

“We embrace innovation and teamwork in our quest to be the best IT Solutions provider in the markets we serve. We strive for excellence through tireless support, timeless craftsmanship, and adherence to our Values.”


It all started with a dog

The history of Golden Tech dates back to 1996 when two young engineers, Greg Scasny and Steve Massa, met while working at Bethlehem Steel. Greg was approached to create a website that would aid in the distribution of financial newsletters. Because the project required more technical expertise than he could offer, he asked Steve to help.

After going through all the specifics, Greg and Steve started writing a proposal. Several long nights later, the proposal was completed and delivered with the expectation that it would be denied. A few days later, they were pleased to find out it was accepted. Upon the approval of the contract, they needed to quickly name their company, as the IRS was on the phone.

They looked down at Eddie, Steve’s Golden Retriever, lying on the floor. In a flash of inspiration, they told the IRS their new company would be called Golden Tech. After all, Greg had a Rottweiler…and “Rotten Tech” didn’t have a very successful-sounding ring to it. With the new name in place, they hit the ground running.

With their first project completed, Golden Tech took on new clients. While at work at his “day job,” Steve met two promising engineers, Scott Dujmovich and Steve Tomory, and asked them to join in on the Golden Tech adventure. With their additional knowledge, Golden Tech was able to accept larger and more complex projects.

In late 1999, the foursome decided that it was time to leave the safety net of the steel mill and work full-time for Golden Tech, beginning their journey as entrepreneurs. Since that time, the business has grown steadily. Golden Tech now offers IT Solutions and Managed Services in the Northwest Indiana, Michiana, and Chicagoland and regions.

The key to Golden Tech’s success, however, remains in its relentless drive to provide exceptional customer service, the highest level of expertise, and innovative solutions delivered by friendly and tireless support engineers.