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A self-built network is like a house of cards


Keeping a business running smoothly is all about architecture–building a network that can withstand loads and support processes…

Remember the good old days, when to run your business you just needed some tools, skilled craftsman to use them, and maybe a receptionist to answer the phone at your sparsely staffed office? Times have changed. Computers have replaced typewriters, mobile devices have replaced phones, and those filing cabinets in the corner have been replaced by rows of servers. Life has become complicated. Don’t get us wrong— we love technology. That’s why we’re in the technology business. But we realize that others aren’t, and managing all of this technology can be a headache that takes away from the business they originally set out to do.

You have a business to run. Clients to service. Employees to manage. Bills to pay. Paperwork to fill out. With all of this comes the technology necessary to manage it all. That can be difficult. We know. Technology is always progressing, data security is becoming more of a problem, things are always breaking– and having a staff to keep it up-to-date and manage it is expensive.

We know what it’s like to run your own business. We’re a group of former steel mill engineers who realized running the technology associated with running a business can be too much to handle. At Golden Tech, we shoulder the burden of your technology infrastructure. We manage your network, silently fend off security risks, relentlessly resolve day-to-day issues, and create proactive plans for the evolution of your company and its IT needs. 

Threats to Your Business

It’s tough being in business. You have enough to worry about without thinking about threats to your business from inside your own walls. That’s where we come in.

Remember a few years ago when an 8GB SD card cost over $100? Now it’s under $20. That’s how fast technology can progress when you’re not looking. As it gets better and better, it becomes harder and harder to manage yourself— or to have one, or even two, employees handling your technology. There are computers, printers, servers, networks, mobile devices, Internet connections— and all the problems and costs that come with them. Then there’s the training to ensure that your staff is up on the latest and greatest tech developments.

For a small-to-medium-sized business, handling your IT and network infrastructure in-house can cost, on average, 225% more than outsourcing to an outside firm— the cost of a full-time IT staff to handle your needs versus letting experts take care of it.

Sometimes, things happen that even the most well-staffed IT department have trouble handling. Your network going down can really be a hassle. You have clients to service, and when your company is tied into technology, you need it to work. Long story short–when your network goes down, so does productivity. So the more your network goes down, the more money your company loses. Estimates suggest that each hour of downtime can cost anywhere between $50,000 to $250,000. Of businesses that suffer a major outage of 10 days or more, 93% file for bankruptcy within one year.

There are also more complex security concerns to address. Gone are the days when locking your office and maybe installing a security camera would keep away the thieves. Now we have a new threat, and it can come from next door or from as far away as China or Russia— the threat of cybercrime. When dealing with your or your clients’ sensitive information, security is of the utmost importance. Damage from computer crimes cost companies upwards of $1 trillion worldwide, according to antivirus software maker McAfee.

Destructive malware can find its way into your system, eating away at records or damaging your IT infrastructure. Hackers can work their way into your system, stealing the financial information of your clients and compromising the financial security of everyone affiliated with your firm.

Our digital economy, in a new frontier, can help us in becoming more efficient and increase our bottom lines. It can also be full of danger and insecurities. The key is making sure you’re prepared for the seen and unseen.

Focus on Your Clients

Golden Tech can help you take your mind off the technology and worry about what matters most— your customers. We’re experts at preparing you for the seen and unseen. Our services can create an environment that alleviates your technology related worries, leaving you to concentrate on the task at hand.

With Golden Tech’s network and powerful tools, we’re better managed than most IT firms. We’re set up to handle networks both large and small, and are organized in a way to handle long-term relationships, maintain constant communication, and provide the most transparency in the industry.

Securing your data is important. Annual losses from data theft are upwards of $50 billion every year. We’ll ensure your infrastructure is a safe place upon which to store and transfer data and sensitive records. With things on lock-down, we’ll make sure that your data storage is robust, operating with some failovers, and has the appropriate redundancies. After building your infrastructure to support data security measures, we’ll help to address your policies and procedures. Finally, we’ll protect against the threat of catastrophe and hardware malfunction. We’ll create a secure portal wherein we’ll back up all of your data offsite in a secure place out of harms way.

When something does break or is compromised, we know how to fix it. Many IT companies work under a “break/fix” model—they wait for something to break, then they fix it. This happens when IT firms don’t provide consultation and preventative services. When something breaks, they make money. Golden Tech doesn’t operate like that— we make money when your network actually works. We provide preventative services to do everything we can to make sure your network stays online.

Stuff happens, though. Your network might still go down. Should your network go down, we’ve got you covered. Most downtime occurrences happen as a result of poor planning and failure to be proactive. Research shows that proactive maintenance actually saves money over the long term. We provide an aggressive 3-tier support system, ensuring that any problems that you do have with your network are tackled immediately. We’re there for you, providing 24/7 support and monitoring. And because of the way we work, Golden Tech can solve over 70% of issues remotely and without any significant downtime. This means with Golden Tech as your relentless IT partner, you’ll be able to be more productive and waste less time and resources so you can do what matters most.

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