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You’re a business owner. You live and die by how you service your clients. We know that, because we’re business owners too. And in this day and age, if your technology isn’t up-to-date, you’re not serving your clients well.

Even before the financial collapse, the maze of regulations was difficult to navigate. After the collapse, it’s even harder. Rules, regulations, standards, and laws have been put into place in an attempt to prevent another meltdown. But how does one stay up-to-date, while actually serving their customers also?

That’s where Golden Tech can help.

With the regulations surrounding financial businesses getting stronger and stronger, no one person or one staff inside a small-to-medium-sized firm can be expected to handle the load. The vast majority of businesses roll the dice every day without knowing it, hoping that they’re current systems are compliant, or at least hoping no one finds out. According to a study done by Verizon, nearly 80% of companies that meet the PCI standard eventually fall out of compliance within one year. Why play that game? Golden Tech is full of experts ready to take on that task. Golden is ITIL and PCI compliant, well versed in regulations surround HIPAA, and experts on the new regulations found in Dodd-Frank and other financial regulations being passed.

Regulatory IT solutions are what we’re good at, and we know the rules inside and out. When we do our job right, it will allow you to concentrate on doing yours.

Threats to your Business

93% of firms that suffer a major outage for 10 days or more declare bankruptcy within one year – avoid downtime with the help of Golden Tech. IT Services and Relentless IT Support for Financial Firms.

Threats to your business lurk around almost every corner in our increasingly digital world– threats from both inside and outside your business.

As technology and the regulatory world gets more and more complicated, it becomes harder and harder to have just one or two staff members handling the entirety of your IT solutions. There are staff computers, printers, servers, T1 connections— and with them, a myriad of problems that can crop up that cost your staff time, and your business money. Let’s not even start with employees who might just not be up to the task of understanding this new technical and regulatory environment we find ourselves in.

For a small-to-medium-sized business, handling IT and regulatory concerns in-house can cost, on average, 225% more than outsourcing to an outside firm. That’s not a typo. It’s the cost of a full-time IT staff to handle your needs versus letting an expert firm take care of your concerns. Going it alone is just not worth it, and it doesn’t make sense to your bottom line.

Then there are the external threats to worry about. Gone are the days when locking your office and maybe installing a security camera would keep away the thieves. Now we have a new threat, and it can come from next door or from as far away as China or Russia— the threat of cyber crime. When dealing with sensitive financial records and information, cybersecurity is of the utmost importance.

Damage from computer crimes can cost companies upwards of $1 trillion worldwide, according to antivirus software maker McAfee. Destructive malware can find its way into your system, eating away at records or damaging your IT infrastructure. Hackers can work their way into your system, stealing your clients’ financial information and compromising the financial security of everyone affiliated with your firm.

Our digital economy, in a new frontier, can help us in becoming more efficient and increase our bottom lines. But it can also be full of danger and insecurities. The key to success is making sure you’re prepared for the seen and unseen.

Focus on your client

That’s where Golden Tech comes in. We’re experts at preparing you for the seen, the unseen—and the unforeseen. Our services can create an environment that alleviates your technology-related regulatory worries, leaving you to concentrate on the task at hand.PCI compliance is a never-ending battle, let Golden Tech do the fighting for you and rest easy. IT Services and Relentless IT Support for Financial Firms.

A system outage can really be a hassle. You have clients to service, and if you can’t access their records, that hurts your bottom line. We’ll make sure your system is down as little as possible. Estimates suggest that for more than 50% of small-to-medium-sized businesses, each hour of downtime can cost anywhere from $50,000 to $250,000. Of businesses that suffer a major outage of 10 days or more, 93% file for bankruptcy within a year. You don’t want that to happen, and we’ll make sure that it doesn’t.

Securing your data is important. Annual losses from data theft is upwards of $50 billion every year. We’ll relentlessly ensure your infrastructure is a safe place upon which to store and transfer data and sensitive records.

With things on lock-down, we’ll make sure that your data storage is robust, operating with some fail-overs, and has the appropriate redundancies. After building your infrastructure to support data security measures, we’ll help to address your policies and procedures. Finally, we’ll protect against the threat of catastrophe and hardware malfunction. We’ll create a secure portal wherein we’ll back up all of your data offsite in a secure place, out of harm’s way.

Many IT companies work under a “break/fix” model—they wait for something to break, then they fix it. This happens when IT firms don’t provide consultation and preventative services. When something breaks, those firms make money. Golden Tech doesn’t operate like that. We make money when your network actually works. We provide preventative services to do everything we can to make sure your network stays online.

And in the case that it doesn’t work, we provide an aggressive 3-tier support system, ensuring that any problems that you do have with your network are tackled immediately. And because of the way we work, Golden can solve over 70% of issues remotely and without any significant downtime. This means with us as your IT partners, you’ll be able to be more productive and waste less time and resources, so you can do what matters most.

We tirelessly strive to build systems that work for our clients; lightweight, simple, and tailored to your exact needs. We take advantage of efficiencies to keep you online, keep your system safe, and keep you up-to-date with all of the rules, regulations and hoops you have to jump through.

 We specialize in PCI Compliance, HIPAA Compliance, and Sarbanes-Oxley Compliance. IT Services and Relentless IT Support for Financial Firms.

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