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You can’t treat your patients’ viruses if you’ve got a nasty one yourself.

A relationship with Golden Tech means access to a team of relentless specialists when you need them most. Golden Tech: IT Solutions and Relentless IT Support for the Healthcare and Medical Industries.The facts are in and they’re hard to ignore. Information technology is as central to healthcare as the stethoscope and long white coat. But how can your business survive with only a small team of professionals on staff? A relationship with Golden Tech means workloads are drastically reduced—but you still benefit from proactive monitoring and relentless attention to detail. Better yet, Golden Tech’s large staff of technology specialists and engineers will be constantly evolving your technology infrastructure to match the demands both of your patients and your regulators.

Data Security and Infrastructure

Before anything else, data security is the most important function of information technology in the healthcare field. With Golden Tech handling your security as a managed solution, you can rest assured that we’re working proactively, around the clock to ensure your data is both secure and HIPAA compliant.

First, we’ll ensure your infrastructure is a safe place upon which to store and transfer sensitive medical and financial records, as well as other sensitive data. With your data on lock-down, we’ll craft a data storage solution that is robust, operating with fail-overs, and has the appropriate redundancies.

Next, we’ll address your policies and procedures. With our Six-Sigma engineers at the helm, we’ll create efficient and safe policies for your data management.

Finally, we’ll protect against the threat of catastrophe and hardware malfunction. We’ll create a secure portal wherein we’ll back up all of your data offsite and out of harm’s way.

Efficiency and Cost Savings

With recent legislations healthcare officials have been given no choice: they must embrac.e technology or fall into irrelevance. Golden Tech: IT Solutions and Relentless IT Support for the Healthcare and Medical Industries.

Not enough can be said about the importance of data security in healthcare. But security doesn’t mean much if it sacrifices your bottom line and puts your practice in financial danger.

With Golden Tech managing your data and technology needs, you’ll be finding efficiencies in a number of new ways. In fact, on average, the switch to Fully Managed IT Solutions reduces mission-critical downtime by 80 percent. Decreased downtime means fewer costly repairs, emergency man hours, and lost staff hours. At the end of the day its about two things: your reputation and your bottom line.

Our dedicated team of engineers will work to consistently improve the flow of data in your organization, often finding and solving inefficiencies at many points in the process as we go.

And when you leave the heavy lifting to Golden Tech, your techs are free to quickly assist on other projects, which means you can reduce your IT staffing and repair costs.


Managed IT services from Golden Tech get you done early, and getting done early saves you money.


At Golden Tech, we specialize in ITIL, EMR and HIPAA Compliance.
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