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If your network’s not running, you’re not billing. To keep your computers compliant, hire some good tech representation.

Technology is as central to your law firm as the gavel and legal pad. What once filled beautiful libraries and countless filing cabinets, now sits on servers and network storage— not to mention the cloud. Managing evolving data systems and ever-changing hardware for law firms is a tall order. At Golden Tech, we shoulder all the burden of your technology infrastructure. We silently fend off security risks, quickly resolve day-to-day issues, and create proactive plans for the evolution of your company and its IT needs.

Focus on Your Clients

When you have a small company, you can't lose man hours. We understand, and we can help. Custom-tailored IT Solutions and Relentless IT Support for Law Firms.

Ninety-one percent of all U.S. law firms have fewer than 10 employees (typically 4 lawyers). Trying to handle your IT services internally is more than just a challenge, it’s inefficient. 

With one staff member usually dedicated to technology, his or her expertise is inherently limited. Your IT staff can quickly become overwhelmed with simple repairs, 

preventable failures, and changing printer toner. This leaves little or no time for proactive maintenance, and this opens the door to major security issues that could significantly increase downtime.

Golden Tech offers managed technology solutions that free your staff to focus on the most important thing: the client. No longer do you have to dedicate staff hours at your small firm to technology troubles. From day zero, we lock down your assets, take full control of your infrastructure, and begin monitoring the health and security of your network from our offices.

Over 70 percent of IT issues can be solved remotely, without any significant downtime. This means, with Golden Tech as your relentless tech partner, you’ll be able to offer uninterrupted service to your clients and, most importantly, never think about IT again.

Increase Your Uptime

A relationship with Golden Tech means access to all the right specialists when you need them most. Custom-tailored IT Solutions and Relentless IT Support for Law Firms.

Downtime is a headache. You can’t access that client file, you can’t get 

to your notes, you can’t look up precedent. It can all be very frustrating. But take a few steps back and look at the broader effects. Estimates suggest that for more than 50 percent of small- to-medium sized businesses, each hour of downtime will cost anywhere between $50,000 and $250,000. Of those businesses that suffer a major outage of 10 days or more, 93 percent file for bankruptcy within a year.

Our goal is to prevent our clients from suffering those losses. At Golden Tech, we will create a custom-tailored technology plan for you. We give you full access to report issues and errors and allow you to get in touch with a live technician through various channels (phone, email, online portal, etc.). Once your new infrastructure is in place, we will consistently monitor every aspect of its performance. These simple steps alone are shown to increase uptime by 80 percent. Beyond maintenance and security; we’ll meet with you quarterly to continue evolving your technology systems as technology improves and your business grows.

Secure Your Data

Before anything else, data security is the most important function of information technology in the legal field. Data breaches, especially in the case of sensitive legal records, can mean the end of a great reputation in seconds flat. Moreover, those breaches cost money, not just in downtime, but (as you all well know) in legal liability. We’ll stop at nothing to ensure your data is locked down.

First, we’ll ensure your infrastructure is a safe place upon which to store and transfer data and sensitive legal records. With things on lock-down, we’ll make sure that your data storage is robust, operating with some fail-overs, and has the appropriate redundancies. After building out your infrastructure to support data security measures, we’ll help to address your policies and procedures.

Finally, we’ll protect against the threat of catastrophe and hardware malfunction. We’ll create a secure portal wherein we’ll back up all of your data offsite, in a secure place, out of harm’s way.

93% of firms that suffer a major outage for 10 days or more declare bankruptcy within one year – avoid downtime with the help of Golden Tech. Custom-tailored IT Solutions and Relentless IT Support for Law Firms.

Why Golden Tech

At Golden Tech we pride ourselves on relationships over anything else. Other providers have made the transition to managed services out of necessity; we made it because it was the best fit.

Today, just over 50 percent of law firms are using a managed service provider to handle their information technology. This marks a 200% increase in just 5 years. But managed service alone isn’t a solution. Like any service provider, managed technology services run the gamut of quality.

We are fully transparent about our work, with communication at all steps. With four engineers at the helm, we understand the need to illustrate a return on investment. We do so by focusing on creating value through our great service and our best-in-class proactive consultation.


At Golden Tech, we specialize in ITIL, BS15000/ISO20000, ISO17799, Sarbanes-Oxley Financial Records and HIPAA Compliance. Custom-tailored IT Solutions and Relentless IT Support for Law Firms.
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