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Outdated or sub-par IT infrastructure is inefficient, and inefficiency costs non-profits money. The money your organization saves with an effective IT system is money that can be used for…

Technology is great for your organization. It makes your employees more efficient. It makes operating cheaper. And it helps you to connect with your supporters better. Basically, it makes your organization a lean, well-oiled machine. But when your technology fails, or it’s not up to the latest standards, you can easily fall behind very quickly.

Managing your technology, network, and data can be a hassle. Technology is always progressing, things are always breaking and internal staff aren’t always up to the challenge of managing it all. At Golden Tech, we shoulder all the burden of your technology infrastructure. We silently fend off security risks, relentlessly resolve day-to-day issues, and create proactive plans for the evolution of your company and its IT needs.

Focus on your issues

Non-profits need to maximize their time and resources so they can focus on their cause. We know that. And the more time that’s spent on managing your IT service is less time and money that gets devoted to focusing on what matters most— the issues that your donors and benefactors have empowered you to work on.

As technology gets more and more complicated, it becomes harder and harder to have just one or two staff members handling the entirety of your IT solutions. There are staff computers, printers, servers, T1 connections— and with them, myriad of problems that can crop up that cost your staff time, and your organization money. And with all these problems that crop up, there is often little time for preventative maintenance or time to keep up on the latest technological advancements in the field.

Even if you wanted to keep up with everything, you’re looking at costly expenditures on salaries, insurance, training— all funds that could help any number of worthy causes that are harmed by cost overruns in administrative tasks like IT. Trying to handle all of your IT concerns in-house can cost, on average, 225% more than outsourcing to an outside firm. It’s the cost of a full-time IT staff vs. an outside firm.

That’s where we come in. Golden Tech offers managed technology services that free up your staff so that you can focus on more important things. No longer will valuable resources be wasted on technical administrative roles.

Golden Tech offers managed technology services that free up your staff to focus on the most important thing: your cause. No longer do you have to dedicate staff hours at your non-profit to technology troubles. From the very beginning, we lock down your assets, take full control of your infrastructure, and begin monitoring the health and security of your network from our offices.

Increase your Uptime

With Golden Tech’s network and powerful tools, we’re better managed than most IT firms. We’re set up to handle networks both large and small, and are organized in a way to handle long-term relationships, maintain constant communication, and provide the most transparency in the industry.

 Most downtime occurrences happen as a result of poor planning and failure to be proactive. Research shows that proactive maintenance actually saves money over the long term. And downtime is far costlier than people think. Not only do you pay more for your IT consultant to fix something, but the productivity of your staff is stagnant for days, losing your organization valuable time. Estimates suggest that more than 50% of small-to-medium-sized businesses, each hour of downtime can cost anywhere between $50,000 to $250,000. Of businesses that suffer a major outage of 10 days or more, 93% file for bankruptcy within a year.

Many IT companies work under this “break/fix” relationship model—they wait for something to break, then they fix it. This happens when IT firms don’t provide consultation and preventative services. When something breaks, they make money. Golden Tech doesn’t operate like that—we make money when your network actually works. We provide preventative services to do everything we can to make sure your network stays online.

And in the case that it doesn’t, we provide an aggressive 3-tier support system, ensuring that any problems that you do have with your network are tackled immediately. And because of the way we work, Golden Tech can solve over 70% of issues remotely and without any significant downtime. This means, with Golden at the helm, you’ll be able to be more productive and waste less time and resources so you can do what matters most.

Secure your valuable data

Cybersecurity is a big concern in today’s ultra-wired world. You have valuable data that hackers would love to get their hands on—tax and legal documents, strategy papers, even sensitive donor information. Data breaches can mean the end of your organization’s trust and reputation in no time at all.

Damage from computer crimes can cost companies upwards of $1 trillion worldwide, according to antivirus software maker McAfee. Moreover, those breaches cost money, not just in downtime, but in legal liabilities.

We’ll stop at nothing to ensure your data is locked down. First, we’ll ensure your infrastructure is a safe place upon which to store and transfer data and sensitive records. With things on lock-down, we’ll make sure that your data storage is robust, operating with some fail-overs, and has the appropriate redundancies. After building your infrastructure to support data security measures, we’ll help to address your policies and procedures. Finally, we’ll protect against the threat of catastrophe and hardware malfunction. We’ll create a secure portal wherein we’ll back up all of your data offsite, in a secure place out of harm’s way.

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