Disaster Recovery & Business Continuity

Having a business continuity & disaster recovery plan in place will turn a potential nightmare into a minor inconvenience. 

In the event of hardware failure, file loss, theft, or even natural disaster, it’s imperative that your business is able to resume without delay in order to sustain productivity, revenue, customer satisfaction, and success.

Everyone knows the necessity of a backup of mission-critical data and applications; backup has been a baseline IT function from the first time computers were fired up. But what happens if your mission-critical systems go down? Do you know how long it will take to get those systems back online and functioning? The average business loses more than $160,000 a year from lost productivity during downtime. 

Recovery Time Objective, or RTO, is a term used to describe how fast a downed application or server, can be restored to a functioning level. With many businesses having terabytes of data, it can take days to weeks to retrieve that data, depending on their method of backup. 

Key Drivers For Business Continuity & Disaster RecoveryIndustry estimates reveal that 40% of organizations without business continuity and recovery plans will shut their doors within a few years of a major disaster. According to a 2013 study by the Aberdeen Group, risk of business interruption is the key market driver for business continuity and disaster recovery plans, with business/regulatory requirements, cost of downtime, and loss of business critical data ranking high as well.

The potential for technological misfortune is somewhat limitless. What happens if you lose a server, or all of your servers? How long will it take to get replacement hardware? Can you restore all of your backups, assuming they are off-site, to dissimilar hardware? What is the maximum amount of time/data that you can lose? Where and how will employees work if the office is uninhabitable? How will customers communicate with your business if email or phone systems are down? 

Luckily, there are solutions to all of these potentially disastrous problems. Properly designed business continuity and contingency plans can take an event that could put most companies out of business and turn then into a minor inconvenience.

At Golden Tech, we love the opportunity to flex our brain muscles to help clients achieve true efficiency in their business operations. We’d love to meet with you and discuss your Recovery Time Objective and work together to craft a business continuity & disaster recovery plan that will address your business’ exacting needs.  

The more proactive and informed your business is about your RTO, business continuity and contingency plans, the more prepared everyone will be if disaster strikes, maintaining both uptime and your bottom line.