Cloud Computing Solutions

All of your apps and data— just a click away in the cloud.

Like many businesses, you may be considering moving your IT to the cloud. To accomplish this, your applications and data must be hosted and then integrated with various technologies such as email, file sharing and collaborative tools, security, and more. Your users shouldn’t have to worry about servers or integrating applications to leverage technology. That’s what we are here for.

Golden Tech offers a platform that will give you integrated web-based access to all of your applications, data, email, file sharing and collaborative tools—in one place. It will allow you to work just as easily with Windows-based applications as it does on the web, SaaS, or at home on your PC or mobile devices. You’ll have instant access to your files at any time, or anywhere, without risk.You can even save files while browsing the web. 

A secure data center means your files are safe from prying eyes or meltdowns.