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Been a while since you’ve had the overall health of your network scanned by professionals?

At Golden Tech, we can give you a full report on your company’s tech health, including the network devices, servers, workstations, and give you a comprehensive project plan and budget on next steps to streamline your business network.

100 percent. That’s the percentage of hard drives that will fail. In 2008, that meant 1,500 hard drives failed every single second in the United States. The need for some solution to this risk to business data is one that has plagued IT departments in every business, small or large, regardless of industry. The numbers are clear and compelling. Compelling like the case for managed network and IT infrastructure solutions through Golden Tech.

The Old Way: Data Loss, Downtime, & Disaster

Trying to manage your own data resiliency and backup plan is just flirting with disaster. Each financial record, each customer history, each internal strategy memo, they all have great value to your company. 

Even with a recovery plan in place, many companies find out the hard way that data security isn’t just about having a carbon copy somewhere. It’s about being resilient. When disaster strikes and it takes 14 days to recover, your company is unlikely to wade through the storm.

Data Loss

Some years ago, the annual cost of data loss was calculated at just around $12 billion in the U.S. alone. Sure, that number sounds alarming, but it’s all too easy to put that in the “it’ll never happen to me” category and ignore. How does it translate to your company?

Well, the conservative estimates are in: The average data loss event (including even the smallest) costs 2 to 5 percent of total company revenues. And the average company saw just over two of these data loss events each year.


While 95 percent of IT decision makers claim to have some disaster-recovery plan in place, less than 44 percent include an off-site or cloud-based backup system as part of that plan. When disaster does strike, too often disaster-recovery solutions are taken down at the same time as the data itself.

But unavoidable disasters are just one part of the puzzle. 57 percent of “declared disasters” in 2010 were attributable not to a natural disaster or even a power failure. Instead, the majority of these incidents were directly attributed to IT hardware, software, or networking failures. All of these instances were avoidable with proper IT management, resiliency, and disaster-recovery solutions.


The costliest element of a data loss incident is downtime. Even with the most robust data recovery solution in place, the cost of being without that data while it’s being restored is immense.

Forrester Research found that of the 55 percent of companies that calculate their downtime costs, the average cost per hour soared to almost $350,000. Certainly, that number fluctuates greatly based on a number of factors. But if you subscribe to an older off-site backup solution, you could be without mission-critical data for up to 5 days. Imagine a full week of paid workers, at their stations, with no data with which to work. It’s a costly chance to take.


The Golden Way: Offsite, Secure, Resilient

Call it what you will: disaster-recovery, data security, or corporate resiliency. Without a proactive force behind your company’s data solution, the likelihood that it will work efficiently and effectively enough to avoid major costs is small, and frankly not worth the risk.

At Golden Tech, we pride ourselves on engineering custom-tailored data plans for each new relationship. Rather than apply a one-size-fits-all solution across hundreds of clients, we understand that the real value of data security is in the details. We’ll work relentlessly to develop an intimate knowledge of your systems and data storage, a blueprint for near-immediate recovery of missing data, a rigorous test of compliance with major standards, and a custom plan to ensure that more mundane instances of data loss are avoided in the future. These ingredients make for a data security plan that produces value for your company.



Since our offices are full of experts, we make it a point to be well-read on all major standards. For our customers, being compliant is as easy as checking with our engineers. Though the majority (56 percent) of in-house IT professionals claim to spend the bulk of their time on compliance, they still suffer major data issues. Compliance with standards is rarely enough to protect from anything beyond litigation. Luckily, we’ll ensure that you’re both compliant and safe.

Custom-Tailored Solutions

Fifty percent of “critical corporate data” is stored directly on unprotected PCs, laptops, or other personal devices. A solution to your data security goes beyond just putting a few big hard drives on the network and sending data up to our cloud. No, it means spearheading a certain amount of institutional change. We aren’t afraid of that, because we know it produces the most value for your company.

At Golden Tech, we pride ourselves on being engineers above anything else. We craft solutions that work not as a one-size-fits-all, but rather as a perfectly tailored suit. When we craft a data security and resiliency solution for your company, it takes into account your internal processes and any inherent security flaws therein. Once we know where the data is, we create a strategy to ensure that it gets backed up with minimal systemic change.

Indeed, through this process we often expose inefficiencies that can gain hours of productivity for our clients.

Proactive & Remotely Monitored

Just over one third of data backup systems are tested and monitored. More than three quarters of that third find major systemic flaws with their backup system when they test them.

Imagine an auto insurance policy. You pay for 3 years, each month, a hefty sum. When disaster strikes and a tree falls on your car, you call your agent. He’s being coy. After 5 minutes you get to the truth: he’s forgotten to put your money into the account for the last 2 years. You won’t be covered.

This is the unrealized truth for so many companies. Sleeping soundly, not knowing that without a proactive and relentless IT management partner, their data security plan might be all for naught.

Luckily, at Golden Tech, we remotely monitor all our clients’ data security systems and our own cloud systems. We’ll know well before you will if a problem arises. If it does, we’ll fix it and let you know that all is still well. This is what it’s like to have real peace of mind.

Imagine not insuring your new Ferrari, parking it on the tracks and just hoping a train won’t come. This is life without data security.

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