Fully Managed IT Solutions

Our Fully Managed IT Solutions allow complete peace of mind for your business’ technology and daily operations.

There’s no avoiding it, without some form of quality networking, business as we know it would halt. That said, there exist varying degrees of quality in networking, and with greater quality (better planning) comes greater efficiency and more profit. Our flagship offering, “Fully Managed IT Solutions” provides our clients with a completely custom-tailored solution to their networking and infrastructure needs. You’ll also have a dedicated team that will get to know your business inside and out– after all, our success is built upon yours.

Network Mismanagement: The Old Way

The prevailing attitude in small-to-medium-sized business has been to only address the technology infrastructure when it’s failing. Using an IT company to simply come in and fix problems as they pop up is a sure-fire way to ensure your average downtime incident lasts much longer and that those incidents happen more frequently.

While your on-staff IT folks are crucial to your success, the day-to-day technology needs often put proactive planning and consistent monitoring on the back burner. Under Golden Tech’s Fully Managed IT Solutions your network infrastructure grows and evolves with your company, and downtime is significantly reduced by offsite monitoring and consistent upkeep.

Quality Planning Limits Network Downtime

Eighty percent of unplanned outages are due to ill-planned changes made by administrators (“operations staff”) or developers. Smaller day-to-day network configuration tasks, according to Enterprise Management Association, result in just over 60 percent of “availability and performance errors.”

We all know that mission-critical service performance is married to revenue. The better your networked services behave, the better your employees produce. It’s a rather simple formula really. But, when you don’t put the right people and right processes in front of your network, you’re destined to fail.

And fail you will. According to a Gartner study, it is expected in the next 3 years that 80 percent of mission-critical outages will be directly caused by mismanagement, poor planning, and failed processes.

Network Downtime is Costly

Every year 26.5 billion is lost in the US due to downtime, get protected with Golden Tech Managed IT Services.Last year, downtime cost U.S. businesses nearly $26.5 billion in lost revenue. That’s a scary number, but it’s hard to really apply it to your business, right? Luckily, researchers have dialed in the microscope a bit more. The average small-to-medium sized business loses an average $42,000 each hour of downtime. Another study (in case you weren’t convinced) found the cost to be closer to $5600 per minute.

Sure, you might say, but how much downtime do you really see in a year? Chances are, if you’re reading this, you’re seeing above-average downtime and looking for the solution. But even average downtime hovers around 87 hours a year, with average instances lasting in the range of 200 minutes each and every time.

Proactive Care, Profound Support: The New Normal

A hefty dose of proactive care combined with a relentlessly attentive level of support makes for a relationship the envy of many happily married couples.

How We Reduce Downtime

A well designed and implemented network – part of an IT managed services package from Golden Tech – can reduce downtime by up to 80 percent.While we pride ourselves in getting your business the custom-tailored solution for your needs, making things completely custom is grossly inefficient. That’s why we’ve got time-tested, well-researched processes in place to monitor your infrastructure and support it on your timeline. 

Beyond just processes, though, we actively monitor each device on your network. This means that we know before anyone else that a problem might be occurring. This sort of proactive maintenance makes for an incredibly resilient network and reduces downtime by leaps and bounds. Much like a cable television technician, the best administrator is the administrator you never see.

Finally, our trained staff of engineers and experts regularly audits your infrastructure. We check for failing devices, environmental risks, and inefficiencies in the design of the network. A well-designed and implemented network can reduce downtime by 80 percent.

How We Enable Growth

The one thing you’ll never get from the break/fix model of IT care is intimate knowledge of your company. A Managed IT Services relationship means that we spend a hefty chunk of time devoted to learning your specific goals. Knowing where you want your company to be in 6 months, 1 year, and 5 years, means that we can position your technology plan to achieve those goals. As things come up, we adjust your plan to meet the evolving needs of your business. In short, Managed IT Services from Golden Tech saves you time and money.