let's build a better Network infrastructure.

building an it System that suits you.

Remember the good old days when to run your business you just needed some tools, skilled craftsmen and maybe someone to answer the phone at your sparsely staffed office? Times have changed. Computers have replaced typewriters, mobile devices have replaced phones and filing cabinets in the corner have been replaced by rows of servers.

Because you have a business to run, clients to service, employees to manage and bills to pay along with it all comes the technology necessary to manage it all. 

We understand the challenges of running your own business, before IT comes into play. At Golden Tech, take  responsibility for your technology infrastructure. We manage your network, defend against security risks, resolve day-to-day issues and create proactive plans for your company and its IT needs.

Threats to your business

For a small-to-medium-sized business, handling your IT and network infrastructure in-house will, on average, cost more than double what it would cost to outsource to an outside firm. 

Sometimes, things happen that even the best staffed IT department have trouble handling.  Long story short–when your network goes down, so does productivity. Estimates suggest that each hour of downtime can cost anywhere between $5,000 to $50,000. Half of businesses that suffer a major outage of 10 days or more will file for bankruptcy within one year.

focus on your clients

Golden Tech can help you by taking on technology for you so that you can take on what matters most— your customers. We are experts at preparing you for the seen and unseen. Our services can create an environment that alleviates your technology related worries, leaving you to concentrate on the task at hand.

We are set up to handle networks both large and small,  are organized and efficient and are experienced, 22 year veterans at managing technology.