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Are you spending countless hours trying to be an IT expert? Is your current provider not communicating effectively? Golden Tech solves these problems by offering uncomplicated technology through tireless support and timeless craftsmanship.

Need Help Fixing Something Now?

Your chief concern is restoring operations. We can do that. And when you're ready to plan to avoid this headache in the future, we'll be there for you too—with plenty of forward-thinking ideas and a relentless desire for perfection.

Golden Rules
In technology and business, as in life, there are many simple truths we hold close to our hearts. At Golden Tech, we call these— what else— Golden Rules.

Golden Rules are based on intuitive, time-honored ideas that have weathered generations of change. And they can help you make smarter decisions when it comes to managing your company’s technology, just as they help us stay focused on what really matters: Keeping you connected. Keeping you current. And keeping you in control of your company’s destiny.

To that end, consider Golden Tech your tireless partner in IT, with a commitment to service that hearkens back to America’s Golden Age. We’re always improving. Always over-delivering. Always keeping you out in front of fast-coming changes in technology.

Because our Golden Rule is to treat our clients like we'd like to be treated ourselves.

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Business Continuity &
Disaster Recovery

When your network clocks out, Golden Tech clocks in. Instant failover, from an onsite appliance or the cloud, means employees keep working and customers stay happy.

Network & IT Infrastructure solutions diligently protect your company against those things that we think won’t ever happen, but invariably always do.

Want to move your IT to the cloud? Your users shouldn’t have to worry about servers or integrating applications to leverage technology. Let us make your office available from any device.

are you ready to experience forward thinking IT?

Our mission is to pursue excellence in making technology work for businesses. We embrace innovation and teamwork in our quest to be the best IT Solutions provider in every market we serve. We strive for excellence through tireless support, timeless craftsmanship, and adherence to our Values.