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Technology is as central to any law firm. What once filled libraries and filing cabinets, now sits on servers and in network storage— not to mention the cloud. Managing data systems and hardware for law firms is serious business when you consider compliance and security. At Golden Tech, we will assume responsibility of your technology infrastructure. We take on security risks, resolve day-to-day issues and create proactive plans for your firm and its IT needs.

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Trying to handle your IT services internally is more than just a challenge, it’s inefficient and dangerous.

Your go-to IT staff member can quickly become overwhelmed with simple repairs,
preventable failures, and changing printer toner. This leaves little or no time for lawyering, not to mention proactive maintenance. Without a focus on security, the door to major  issues is wide open.

increase your precious uptime

Golden Tech offers managed technology solutions that free up your staff to focus on their job as a lawyer. No longer do you have to dedicate staff hours to technology troubles with Golden Tech as a partner. From day one, we secure your data, monitor the infrastructure, and the health and security of your network .


of firms that suffer a major outage for 10 days or more declare bankruptcy within just a year