technology with a cause

inefficient IT Solutions cost non-profits money.

Technology is great for a non-profit organization; it makes your employees more efficient and reduces operating costs. It connects you with your supporters and lets you share your message with a larger community. But when your technology fails or it has never been set up correctly, it is more than a hassle, it wastes your efforts and funding. 

Golden Tech can take care of ongoing issues for you or help your internal staff get technology to work for you. We will create a plan for IT to meet your needs with a road map that will lay out the next 3 years so you can budget appropriately. This plan takes the larger picture into account and will grow with you as your organization grows, helping with problems big and small. Golden Tech is your silent partner, tackling technology so you can serve your cause without interruption. 

Follow your cause

Non-profits need to maximize their time and resources so they can focus on their cause. More time spent on managing your own IT is less time that gets devoted to what matters most— the cause that your donors and benefactors have empowered you to work on.

As technology gets more and more complicated, it becomes harder and harder to have just one or two staff members handling your technology. There are staff computers, printers, servers, T1 connections— and with them a variety of problems that can crop up that cost you, your staff, and your organization focus, time, and money. Golden Tech preventative maintenance and long term planning is key to avoiding lost time.

Golden Tech offers managed technology services that free up your staff. Contact us to see how we can help you serve your cause.