Not Interested in Working With Any Other Company

I highly recommend Golden Tech.  From remote services to onsite work, we have always dealt with knowledgeable techs willing to get the job done efficiently.  We have used Golden Tech for basic programming services and complete hardware and server upgrades.  I have been able to see GT work at all levels.  Each project achieved our goals and we were very satisfied with the service and ease of doing business.

We are a small business.  It is not feasible for us to have IT on staff.  It is nice to have a company to turn to for basic programing and software support all the way up to full server and network upgrades.  I have used Golden Tech at all levels.  GT is a great fit for small businesses.  I can pick up the phone or send an email and get a fast response from someone that will solve our IT issue.

I have only worked with Golden Tech.  Not interested in working with any other company.  Proven results keep business relationships going and I have no reason to look elsewhere for IT services.

Dan Don Powers Agency

Reliable and Allows us to Focus on our Business

Golden Tech has been very reliable and helpful each and every time we've needed them.

When we have an IT problem, Golden Tech solves it allowing us to not have to worry about our computer systems and focus on our business.

Dave Keller Machine

Great Partnership Fueled Growth

I can say we never used another IT based company, other than G.T.   As a small OEM company located in NW Indiana, AIM finds itself being lumped in with the Chicago region, and local help is relative to an hour or more away.

Having an IT company like Golden Tech with a very knowledgeable staff, and personal attention to detail, gives AIM a sense of security that G.T. will be here when trouble arises.

Thanks to G.T. and the long partnership we share, AIM has grown both as a company and in our industry, by helping us not only keep up to date with our IT technology but looking ahead to the future of what’s to come. AIM would highly recommend Golden Tech for you IT needs.

Glen American Industrial Machinery Inc

Prompt, Knowledgeable, and Can’t See Us Ever Leaving

Golden Tech is fantastic. They answer all problems in a timely manner and even if you really don’t know what is wrong, they will stay the course to help you figure it out. They are super friendly and will go the extra mile.

I know that we can count on them to do the job and do it well.

I do not see us ever leaving Golden Tech.

Jane NWI Nephrology

Attentive in Communicating and Listening to Customer Ideas and Needs

I have worked with Golden Tech almost since its incorporation, so I have a very long history with the company.

 They are my “IT experts”. The one constant that keeps me going back to Golden is that company leadership expects the employees to be able to converse and listen to the customer. 

I have worked with many IT companies, individuals in IT, and even manage an in house IT staff so I have years of experience with all aspects of technology from support, to programming, to web design and my relationship with Golden has endured almost 20 years.  Golden techs know our staff by name.  I can pick up the phone or post a ticket and for the most part I am greeted with ‘what do you need MG?’ which means a lot if you compare it to the impersonal and often uncommunicative atmosphere of other tech firms.

Yes quality is there, range of service is there, but finding IT with the ability to communicate - at my level  – now that is more difficult.

Miche Center for Workforce Innovations

Great Solutions, Fast Response Times

GT does a great job of getting down to what the real issues are and gives solutions that work.

The biggest benefit has been the organization and cleaning up of our IT systems.

Good organization and response times is what sets them apart from the competition.

Nate Energy Diagnostics

Excellent, Helpful, Professional, and Extremely Knowledgeable

Golden Tech’s work for us has been nothing short of Excellent!

I know when we do have a problem, it’s going to be addressed in a timely manner and fixed quickly.

Everyone is extremely knowledgeable, so helpful and very professional.

We have not experienced these qualities in the past with other IT firms.

Noreen Lindco Equipment Sales

Worth Every Penny

I have hired many IT companies over the last 24 years and they all practiced fixing computers, Golden Tech doesn’t practice fixing technology, they actually fix the problem.

From the first call I made to Golden Tech in 2016 they have fixed every problem I have had with all our computers and network.

And Last but not least, they are worth every penny I spend as every minute I am down I am losing money.

Pat Bigger Consulting Inc

Live, Personable & Proactive

Golden Tech is available around the clock and if something is deemed urgent by a client, they will work on the problem, usually within minutes. They take a proactive approach with and send a Net Admin every month to make sure they get ahead of potential problems.

For me the single biggest thing that sets Golden apart from other IT firms is their live interaction. We almost always get a live person on the phone and if it is an immediate problem, they have an engineer available to talk to.

Paul Albert’s Diamond Jewelers

Prepared and Responsive and Proactive

Golden Tech works with us to help manage our IT infrastructure in a way that allows us to prepare and plan for upcoming IT needs. We have worked with them for over seven years and they understand and manage our specific needs successfully.

By working with Golden Tech, we have a better understanding of our specific IT systems and how they benefit our company overall.

Golden Tech is always willing to discuss our unique IT needs to ensure that we understand how to best utilize their services. They are timely and responsive in addressing our IT concerns and questions.

They work with us proactively and they are continually working to improve their systems and services to us.

Sharon Landmark Signs

We Recommend Golden Tech to Every Client

Golden Tech is one of the best IT partners we have been able to find in the Midwest. We partnered with Golden Tech to be our dedicated IT partner two years ago. Since then, our clients who work with Golden Tech have seen a dramatic decrease in downtime and email/server related issues. We recommend Golden Tech to every client of ours who is looking for IT solutions.

Mark SearchLab Chicago, Inc

Broad, Deep and Experienced

The expertise at Golden Tech is broad and deep. We do not depend on just one technician responsible for our account. They quickly resolve issues, and are very prompt in responding to us, with great attention to the details.

Our internal IT resources are limited as to availability for both support and projects.  Golden Tech is like having additional IT staff members without the overhead of salary, benefits, and drama.

What sets Golden Tech apart from other firms is they steer us to the best solutions without belittling our questions and interact with members of our company in a way that doesn’t insult their lack of technical knowledge.

Give Shawn and the team at Golden Tech a call you will find them easy to work with.

Tim Vanair

Problem Resolution Time is Outstanding, and Work is Accurate, High-Touch, and Timely

Golden Tech is up front about their services and pricing to maintain hardware and software.  Their work is accurate, high touch, and timely.

They understand where IT trends are headed and work with our team to create a roadmap for the future, so we can plan for investments in IT hardware and applications.

They provide comprehensive service through a depth of talented team members.  Their problem-solving response time is outstanding.  They are great communicators and therefore sensitive to our needs as a business.

Bob Valparaiso Family YMCA