“Bringing people and business together through technology.”

Company  History

In 1996 a local department store burned down in the center of Valparaiso, Indiana and was a total loss. An architectural firm in an adjacent building was able to save their floppy discs, computers and drawings from the fire, but just in time. Having lived through such a close call, the owner of the firm was determined to find a way to protect his business so they would never be at risk of losing everything he had worked for to a random disaster.

Someone at the firm knew Steve Massa and his reputation for knowing and troubleshooting technology at Bethlehem Steel. Steve was called in to meet with the leadership team, he presented ideas that included networking their computers and keeping a copy of data at a separate physical location. He left this meeting with a handshake deal and a very long to-do list that included creating his own IT company.

Steve had projects to deliver before he even had a name for his company and as he worked late into the night on his first proposal, it came to him. Golden Technologies after Eddie, his Golden Retriever and constant companion.

With a name in place Massa brought Steve Tomory on board to partner and head up programming. The rest is history; Golden Tech took off and 24 years later continues to serve Northern Indiana, Chicagoland and Michiana as the premier IT company in the area. Specializing in small and medium size businesses (SMB’s), Golden has 300+ customers across all industries, connecting people and business through technology.

Steve and Steve's adventures as entrepreneurs have given them the opportunity to work with a vast array of interesting clients, projects and the chance to explore the never ending, constantly changing world of technology.

Golden Tech Leadership Team

Steve Massa
Founder & President

Steve Massa founded Golden Technologies in 1996. He has a BS in Electrical Engineering and in Computer Science from Purdue University and has earned the Six Sigma Black Belt title. Steve has served on the Board of Directors of multiple nonprofit organizations and as the President of Rotary.  He has been a Chamber Member for 24 years.

Steve Tomory

Steve Tomory has been with Golden Tech since 1998. He has a BS in Chemical Engineering from Purdue University and has earned the Six Sigma Black Belt title. Steve served on the Board of Directors and President of the Valparaiso VNA for 20 years.

Shawn Massa

Shawn Massa has taken on the CEO role for the IT side of Golden Technologies. She has a BA in Marketing and Public Relations and a BA in English. Shawn volunteered for over 15 years with Porter County 4H.

Golden Tech Management Team

Kyle Oakely

Aaron Taylor

Ronee Devaney
Office Administrator

Golden's Tech Team